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Get Better Results

Professionals who are effective negotiators are at a much greater advantage when competing for jobs, resources, and salaries. Get the critical negotiation skills you need to have a successful research career.

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For Researchers, by Researchers

With funding from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Strategy Shaper was created for researchers who aren’t getting the professional development training they need for a successful career in school or on the job.

Personalized Training

Strategy Shaper customizes course content based on your negotiation style preferences so you can focus on the skills you would most benefit from mastering. Self-assessments and practice simulations generate dynamic reports summarizing results and providing personalized feedback.

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The research shows that researchers who use Strategy Shaper not only enjoy taking the course, but also benefit from substantial gains in their career negotiation knowledge and skills. Hear what your colleagues have to say about their experience.


Proven E-learning Platform

Proven effective for training, our dynamic e-learning platform provides a personalized, multimedia learning experience with opportunities for hands-on practice and feedback.


Interactive Games and Exercises

Interactive games, assessments, and practice exercises test your knowledge while offline activities give you ways to practice the skills you’re learning.


Personalized Reports

Self-assessments help you examine your attitudes and behaviors, with dynamic reports summarizing results and providing personalized feedback.


Practice Simulations

Virtual simulations of common career scenarios for researchers, such as negotiating authorship, help you practice negotiating and get feedback about your performance before trying it out in real life.

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