What are people saying about Strategy Shaper!

“The lessons were presented in easily understandable and digestible formats. It was incredibly useful and applicable to me, as I am currently on the job market.”

“It was easy to use, quick, and straightforward. It provided me with information that I would not have pursued on my own, and that’s helpful to my career.”

“It made me aware of the subtleties and complexities of negotiating in an academic environment. Before using Strategy Shaper, I thought I had strong negotiation skills for my level of career, but I now understand that there are components of negotiating where I can strengthen my skills.”

“The interactive games were really helpful. I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses and got many opportunities to try the role-playing exercises to get it right.”

“I like that Strategy Shaper is directly relevant to situations I will find myself in throughout my career. Now I know how to approach negotiations and ways to get the best out of them.”

 “I truly enjoyed using Strategy Shaper, and I will continue to use the things I learned for years to come!”
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